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    This is a creative business. Why not try a creative approach to attending auditions New York has going on? Try staying in character all week long. Wear the same costume all week, start to acquire the aroma of your character, speak with an accent or in a dialect during the days leading up to your auditions. New York is the place where all the psychos walk around in the street, so you have to do things to help make yourself stand out from the crowd and be a better performer.

    Get your mind together and gear yourself up for the next series of auditions New York churns out. How are they going to see that you are any different than any of the other people attending hoping to be the next Johnny Depp or Courtney Cox? If you go out of your way to be the most fabulous performer to be seen in your auditions New York will respond with some rewarding acting work, eventually.

    Auditions New York or auditions Mars, it doesn't really matter. What really matters is that you give the performance of a lifetime every time. The casting director who auditions New York talent all day for a living has seen it all. Make sure she sees you, and that she sees quality.

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