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    Film acting can take you all over the world and introduce you to people from all backrounds and lifestyles. The film industry is made up of people from all walks of life, from business people to artists. There is probably no more diverse population of people in terms of experience and types of knowledge they possess than that which you will come into contact with while shooting a movie or film acting.

    There is a slightly more subtle art to film acting that many actors don't realize. The camera many times is right on your face, so your reactions can't be as big or animated as they would be required to be acting on stage, or they will seem unnatural. Inversely, the skills you learn as a stage actor will really come in handy as you delve into film acting.

    For many, film acting is their ultimate dream, and they will sacrifice and struggle for much of their lives in order to get to that one opportunity that will break it all open for them. They may have been inspired by one particular actress or actor, a favorite movie, or just a desire they have had since they were kids. Once you decide that film acting is your ultimate career goal, prepare yourself to struggle and sacrifice, because the road may be long and rocky. Only you can keep yourself on course.

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