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    Ever seen film extras at the lunch truck? Snarling, jostling for position, a few nasty words to the side for the guys that cut in line. What is the reason for this phenomenon? Perhaps it is the fact that some of them were literally starving for some days before they were called in, most of them are broke and struggling, or because the pay scale is so low, or perhaps because their call time is before everyone else's, slightly behind the caterer and the security guard. Film extras get no love, no respect, and next to no money, so why do they do it?

    The only thing that could make a human being want to endure what film extras have to put up with is a true love for the art form they are aspiring to make their career out of. When you see them at work, many of them are actually using their finely tuned acting skills to put themselves into the scene, even though they are just sitting at a table in a bar scene, or walking down a path on a college campus. There are film extras who love what they do so much that they use their time on set to practice and perfect their acting skills.

    So if you run into a group of film extras on the set, show them a little kindness, because they work hard for the money. If you are an aspiring actress and you want to get some paying work and a chance to brush up on your skills, join the ranks of the hard working film extras in your area and get yourself out there onto the set!

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