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    Movie casting is perhaps one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated aspects of filmmaking. Even if you don't consider yourself an expert on the subject, everyone can remember watching at least one or two movies that had a pretty cool story, some interesting and effective dialogue, but was practically unwatchable because the actors just didn't quite seem to fit, and their acting in general was horrible anyway. This indicates that whoever worked on that movie casting the various roles did an awful job, and the quality of the project suffered overall because of it.

    Sometimes movie casting is done haphazardly as a production is thrown together, or even if methodically organized, but is only being filmed to produce a vehicle for a particular star, or an up and coming hopeful who lucked out and has a producer or director friend (or studio executive), who wants to give their career a push. You may notice similar shortcomings in the movie casting department, as the movie drags on and it becomes apparent that the star of the show is dreadful, and nearly every scene is either carried or stolen by a supporting character.

    It should be recognized that movie casting is an art form in the same way that directing or set design, make-up, lighting and photography are. As an actor, remember that developing a good rapport with the people you meet when you respond to announcements or calls for movie casting may help you in the future even if you don't get a part this time, when you meet again they may be casting an epic film that they'll give you a shot in because they remember your pleasant demeanor from their previous experience with you.

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