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    Find Auditions for Movie Extras

    If you're just starting in acting and want to get some paid work that is fun and will give you great experience being on set and a chance to practice your acting skills, why not consider working as a movie extra? Are you so new to acting that you don't know what a movie extra is? They are the people that you see walking by in the back round or casually strolling through in the foreground on Alley Mcbeal or Scream 2. You never learn their names, you never hear them say a word, but without them productions would look empty and unrealistic.

    Street scenes, restaurant scenes, beach scenes, club scenes, bar scenes, each and every one of these requires a number of actresses and actors to fill in at tables, crossing the street, playing volleyball or simply standing around looking dazed. This is where the movie extra comes in. A movie extra may be asked to do anything. Use a special skill, walk, run, jump, yell, cheer, stare, stumble, it all depends upon the setting and the action of the scene.

    The movie extra learns valuable terminology and procedures followed on the set, and because of the various opportunities to use different skills, is able to brush up on and improve her acting chops, even if she doesn't have any lines. The job of a movie extra can be arduous and thankless, and anyone who has worked as a movie extra for any amount of time may feel pretty much unappreciated, but while this may be true, without them, movies and TV shows could not be made.

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